Stock & Flow

I’ve been enjoying the nuggets and wisdom found in Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work!. As someone who has been reluctant to show my work, or used the excuse of my work is not good enough to share, I’ve found the pages in the book to change my mindset.
Austin presents the idea of “stock and flow”, flow is the output of daily creation. It’s the things you make every day in your journals and creative experiments. In my practice of reading and writing 30-minutes a day, I generate daily writings that help me explore ideas and concepts. Then every Wednesday, I look over my past writings and select one to enhance, edit and publish on my blog. Those weekly posts are my stock, evergreen content that will appeal to my growing audience months or years from now. Work that evolves from my daily flow contains perspective and insight gained learned from revisiting my experiments.

As time goes passes, I have a larger body of flow to harvest from plus I begin to see patterns in my work. Sometimes I go back several weeks because a new insight completes a previously unfinished thought. I share my daily flow on my social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. Sharing my daily explorations includes my audience in the story.

Overnight success is a myth. Dig into almost every overnight success and you’ll find about a decade’s worth of hard work and perseverance. – Austin Kleon