Copy & Pretend

When you start creating and making things its best to copy masterworks that you admire. This practice allows you to get close the to perspective and mindset of an accomplished creator and gain new skills along the way.

No work is truly original; we are all influenced by the body of work produced during and before our time. Work that’s considered “fresh and original” is copied from a mixture or unknown influences it’s hard to pinpoint the source.

When I use the term “copy other’s people work” I don’t mean plagiarize or call other’s work your own. It’s more like reverse-engineering. Picking apart and studying until you understand how it’s was put together. When you have a clear understanding, begin to embellish with your flavor and skills.

The habit of studying and collecting things you love, practicing reverse-engineering those things, then mixing and adding your touches will produce meaningful and interesting work.

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