Pearl the Mouse

Starting with a wooden peg, I used Sculpty oven-bake polymer clay to form the body of a mouse knitting on a spool of thread. Inspired by the heartwarming illustrations in the Beatrice Potter books. After baking in the oven I finished with acrylic paint, starting with dark colors for the base and dry brushing mid …

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Heading South

I keep looking at these wooden pegs and seeing new critters. I don’t sketch ahead, just knead the clay and start adding bulk to the peg. This one started to take the shape of a plaque doctor or old man dressed as a bird. After adding the hat and cheeks it was clearly a bird …

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Robot 318

Found this interesting piggy bank made from a brass mailbox door. Drilled a round hole in the top where the coin slot was and created a skylight with domes glass. This was the first time I added polymer clay to wood and had several cracks develop after baking. After filling the cracks with spackle and …

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Christmas Card 2020

Went for a vintage lettering design for this year’s card. I loved the mixture of lettering styles and the timeless pine and berries motif. Drawn on a Wacom board and printed on card stock. Time: 3 Hours

COVID-19 Virus Ornaments

What better way to commemorate 2020 than with a quarantined ‘Rona’ ornament globes. I made these four as gifts for family and friends. Constructed with polymer clay, wire, foil, and empty snow globe from the craft store. Build time: 3-days

Navigation Troll

Navigation Trolls were a staple upon ships crossing the dark sea. Their navigation tools and instincts guided ships thru safe passages to new lands. Armature constructed of foil, wire, and gourd shell. The gourd came from Jack Creek Farms in Templeton. Polymer clay. Eventually baked then painted with acrylic paints. Project Started: November 22, 2020 …

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Snail’s Tea Party

Tea and snails are all about slowing down and noticing your surroundings. Snail is a dapper fellow and has invited Lady Bug to join him for tea and sandwiches. It’s sure to take all afternoon. Foil ball armature and polymer clay. Painted with acrylic paints. Project Time: 4-Days

Artemis the Adventure Owl

Started sculpting this little adventure owl, named Artemis, while watching the election results. As the night wore on it was helpful to have something to busy my hands. The armature is a glass spice jar. First time using Super Sculpey Firm, harder to knead and work the clay but the firm worked amazing well for …

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